How to Buy the Book

Look beyond the Obvious is available in hardcover, paperback and ebook formats from online retailers including Archway Publishing, and Barnes and



Insights into Business Performance
announces the release of

Look Beyond the Obvious


The book shares 25 observations and insights for running a successful business.


What you will get out of this book...


  Insights into the customer's needs

  Business Principles that actually work

  Advice on how to become a successful leader

Author Edward Schultz is a business consultant and counselor who helps businesses design and execute changes for the better.


CEO's Raison d'être

Here are some samples of Schultz's business principles for CEO's:

  • To understand that it's the customer who pays the bills.
  • To increase revenue and growth, but do it profitably!
  • To recognize that luck is preparation meeting opportunity and is always an unstoppable force when driven by the proper attitude.
  • To emphasize and see your business through your customer's eyes.
  • To partner with attitudes not credentials.
  • To never allow yourself to get married to a business idea.