Praise for Schultz's Work

It is truly a pleasure to work with someone who understands business and helps my clients actually make money"

— Jeffrey T. Rose - CPA, Stromquist & Rose, PA

... attention to detail, an at-ease communication style and the drive and devotion to assemble the required data, information and/or personnel, in order to get the project done on a timely basis"

— Kristen Paulson Gibbons - Attorney, The Gibbons Law Firm

.... Project Management is a management tool which Edward has mastered ..."

— Scott Norman - Director of Environmental Services, Northfield Hospital

Regarding IS09001 :2008 Certification, ... the company passed the first 3rd_party certification audit with flying colors ... I can comfortably recommend him for consulting work"

— Patrick F. Fallon - Principal, Power Quality Consultants

You are one of the better listeners, as you have the ability to connect to their real needs"

— Kunal Kamran - President, Total Quality Productivity Services

Reflecting on our discussions over the last few years about the operational philosophies of successful businesses have led to some basic ground rules that we have resolved to achieve"

— Walter Schuelke - Vice-President, Robodyne Corporation